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Dan Drexler

Dan Drexler


Hi, I’m Dan Drexler

It’s really important to read to your children when they are too little to read for themselves. And just as important for them to start reading as soon as they possibly can.

I started reading to my kids not long after they were born. And when I included them in my stories, they wouldn’t let me stop.

picstoriz are interactive stories that are an easy way of introducing your child to the art of reading. Can you imagine how amazing it is to read a story about yourself. And when your child sees their photo on a rocket to the moon, meeting the President or climbing Mount Everest…….imagine how they’ll feel. It will fire their imagination.

Download one of our my stories onto your electronic device, insert your child’s name into the story, insert your child’s birthday into the story,  insert your child’s photos into the story – and now your child is the story.

Robert Flies To The Moon, Jessica Becomes a Movie Star, Mike Climbs Mount Everest, Sam Meets The President, Sally Goes White Water Rafting……..

A story for every child and your child in every story.

God bless, and remember to love one another……for I am…….the picstorizteller.










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